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Brickline Greenway

Great Rivers Greenway is a public agency dedicated to developing regional greenways around St. Louis. They had an ambitious plan to create a corridor that would run directly through the city, connecting 20 city neighbourhoods, parks, districts, as well as cultural and educational institutions. The corridor is part of a 10-year project to address the city’s persistent challenges with segregated neighbourhoods, equity, and economic and urban renewal.

BMD was asked to create a clear brand that could articulate what this city-wide project means for residents, informing design and communications across the various stages of the project’s life. Research, workshops and immersion set the foundation for the brand idea and unearthed many of the hopes, but also concerns of residents and stakeholders that needed to be addressed as the plan moved forward. For this project, bringing people together from across a divided city was paramount.

In order to make the Greenway as welcoming as possible, the Greenway needed an inclusive name that resonated across St. Louis. BMD partnered with Bespoke to deliver a naming toolkit that engaged city residents in their own naming brainstorms and ideation. The chosen name, Brickline Greenway, is a nod to St. Louis’ history as a city built on bricks. BMD designed a visual identity that would bring this brand to life. It needed to be optimistic and joyful without losing a sense of “St. Louis grit.” The logo signals the idea of coming together, while the components of the logo act as a connective device linking St. Louis’ diverse neighbourhoods, districts and cultures.

The resulting brand evokes a sense of openness and excitement, inviting residents to see new possibilities in their city and bringing this long-term project to life.

Created at Bruce Mau Design. A Bruce Mau Design project.

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